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High School Team Soccer 7v7

Sponsored By:

Howard Industries

Sponsored By:

Howard Industries


Craig Winship


June 24, 2017


Sportsplex - Laurel, MS

Entry Fee:

$20.00 per player


June 21


7 vs 7
3 games guaranteed

Varsity and Junior Varsity


Home Team Determination- The home team is the first team listed on the schedule.

Game Length- Two 25 minute halves, 5 minute half time break.

Number of Players - 7 v 7.

Substitution Policy- High School substitution rules apply.

Offside Rule applies.

Tournament Responsibilities of the coaches, Team and Spectators:
1.  To wear an alternate jersey when requested to do so (home team obligation).  Alternate jerseys may consist of scrimmage vests (if needed) or a t-shirt with a number.
2.  To furnish a game ball ( home team obligation)
3.  To be responsible for its players, parents and spectators behavior at all times.
4.  Seniors who have graduated are not eligible to participate.  Incoming 7th graders are eligible and may participate.

Other Information:

Contact Craig Winship for Registration information or call the State Games office at (601)482-0205

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