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Pistol Competition

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Sponsored By:

WTOK TV - Meridian
myWTOK 2
The CW


Wade Smith - 601-917-4839


Sunday, June 25 : 8am


Battlefield Shooting Club

Collinsville, MS

Entry Fee:

$30 for one event.  Add $15 per additional event.


Register by June 22, 2017 to guarantee correct t-shirt size.  There will be on-site registration on the day of the event but correct t-shirt size cannot be guaranteed.


22 caliber thru 45 caliber only

There will be 4 scenarios w/paper & steel targets.  Each scenario will be timed & hits for score.

Each class will be broken down to age, gender and type of equipment.

Male 8-13, Female 8-13, Male 14-19, Female 14-19, male 20-40, Female 20-40, Male 41-60, Female 41-60, Male 61+, Female 61+


Range opens at 0800 - 1st Relay at 0900 Start Time
                                      2nd Relay at 1330 Start Time
Must be registered 30 minutes prior to Start Time

Basic Range Rules;
Handle all firearms as if they are loaded.
Trigger finger stays out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.
Keep firearms pointed down range at all times.
Always check your target and beyond before firing.

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