Mississippi's largest statewide amateur sportsfest.

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Maples Gas

Sponsored By:

Maples Gas


Jason Pierce, 601-416-2150

Tournament Director:
Karen Pierce 601-527-0316


Saturday, June 24, 10am, 1pm, 4pm
Sunday, June 25, 1 and 4pm


Family Bowl Lanes, Meridian

Entry Fee:

Youth: $25
Adults: $27


Postmarked by June 19 to guarantee t'shirt size.
On site registrations accepted up to 30 minutes prior, if space available; t'shirt size not guaranteed.


Division 1:
Class-USBC Men, USBC Women
Average- 120 & Below
Class- Youth
Average- 100 & Below

Division 2:
Class - USBC Men, USBC Women
Average - 121-140
Class - Youth
Average - 101-120

Division 3:
Class - USBC Men, USBC Women
Average - 141-160
Class - Youth
Average - 121-140

Division 4:
Class- USBC Men, USBC Women
Average - 161-180
Class - Youth
Average - 141-160

Division 5:
Class - USBC Men, USBC Women
Average - 181-200
Class - Youth
Average - 161 & up

Division 6:
Class USBC Men, USBC Women
Average - 201 & Up


Sanctioned by United States Bowling Congress ( USBC). All bowling will be scratch within division.  Participants will enter only once in only one division.  USBC entrants will bowl six games; USBC Youth entrants will bowl four games.  Men bowl against men and women against women in all divisions.  Winners within each division will be determined by total pin fall for the scheduled games.  In the event of duplicate scores for medal, duplicate medals will be awarded.  Tournament directors and commissioner will decide all questions.  In a regular sanctioned tournament, it is required that all entrants hold a valid USBC membership card.  Eligible participants who are not USBC members can qualify for entry in the tournament by virtue of purchasing a Membership for $22 (Men), $16 (Women), $17 (Youth).  Bowlers will use highest 2015-2016 average of 21 games or more.  If no 2015-2016 average available, bowlers may us highest average of 21 games or more.  Summer league average may be used only if bowler has neither a 2015-2016  or 2016-2017 average of 21 games.  If no summer league average, bowlers will bowl scratch in highest division.  All averages must be USBC league averages.  Bowlers are responsible for verifying his/her own average.  If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification, the bowler's score will be disqualified.  If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average.  USBC Rules 319a Item 2, 319c and Rule 319E are waived and do not apply.

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