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22 Rifle Competition

Sponsored By:

Wade Smith 601-917-4839


June 24



Collinsville, MS

Entry Fee:

$30 for one event.  Add $15 per additional event.


Postmarked by June 21st to guarantee correct t-shirt size.  There will be on-site registration on day of event but correct t-shirt size cannot be guaranteed.


22 Caliber Rifles will be classed as follows:

Light barrel w/open sights or peep

Light barrel w/scope

Heavy barrel/target w/open or peep sights

Heavy barrel/target w/scope

Each class will be broken down to age and gender and type of rifle.

Age Groups: 8-13 Male, 8-13 Female, 14-19 Male, 14-19 Female, 20-40 Male, 20-40 Female, 41-60 Male, 41-60 Female, 61+ Male, 61+ Female,


Basic Range Rules:
Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.
Trigger finger stays out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.
keep firearms pointed down range at all times.
Always check you target and beyond before firing.

General Rules:
One coach will be allowed for shooters ages 8-13 to insure safety and help the shooter in reloading.  Other wise there will be NO COACHING.
Shooters are required to have eye and ear protection.
Once the shooter has completed the course of fire, they may leave the firing line, but all equipment will be left on the line until the line is made safe. 
Safety is our main concern.

Other Information:

Using IBS Rifirm Targets 50 yard.
Prone, shooters may use shooting mat, spotting scope, sling, and glove.  Eye and ear protection required.  Shooting will be at 25 yards.  25 rounds for score w/unlimited sighters.  There will be 20 targets per relay and 6 relays per day: 0815, 0915, 1015, 1115, 1300 and 1400 hours.  Awards will be at 1530. 

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